Doctor Who 06×02: ‘Day of the Moon’

‎So, I have an opinion on ‘Day of the Moon’, would you like to hear it? Of course you would! Absolutely bloody *brilliant*! This is already shaping up to be the best season of Doctor Who yet. Spoilerish notes after the jump…

See, a spoiler warning; I can give a spoiler warning. Anyway, some observations on that awesome hour of television…

  • I love the structure of all this. Not only the best, most rewarding Who two-parter in a long time but *also* a terrific season première with some serious threads set up for the rest of this year.
  • Pantsuit/High-Class-Prostitute Amy Pond is a surprising win. But I’m a boy, so I am looking forward to Pirate-Mini-Skirt Amy next week. Also, for those of you keeping score, my league of fictional women currently stands at: 1) Liz Lemon; 2) Amy Pond; 3) April Ludgate. Where are these women in quote-unquote reality?
  • I loved all the Richard Nixon stuff, from the reasoning behind the tape recorders to the “Will I be remembered?”. Best use of an historical figure in the revived Doctor Who thus far? Well, Shakespeare was probably better, but still…
  • The Silence continue to be a daunting adversary, but I really appreciate how our heros adapted. It was a great “arms race” of sorts between the two sides that nicely paralleled the backdrop of the Space Race.
  • How brilliant was The Doctor/River Song flirting/fighting bit? One of my favorite parts in what has instantly become one of my favorite episodes.
  • I’m well known for my love of all things Apollo, so I quite enjoyed seeing that play into the proceedings.
  • At various times here, I really felt for Rory and for River Song. I can think of a *lot* of “serious” writers who can’t come anywhere near the emotional investment Stephen Moffat is able to orchestrate with his cast. Kudos, sir.
  • Again, let me say: Spoilers… Who is the little girl? Amy’s daughter? Stolen by The Silence and so Amy can’t remember? That seems most likely. But the regeneration?!  Part of me wants the kid to be Amy’s and The Doctor’s, but I know the show would *never* do that. So I guess it’s like Amy suggested, the foetus was somehow affected by travel in The Tardis and, um, soaked-up Time Lord-ism?!
  • Last week’s opening, the death of the future Doctor, is left unresolved. Though clearly we’re on a path towards reconnecting with that in our own futures.  I’ll put it out there though: Was the figure in the spacesuit River Song? We know she killed “The best man I ever knew” but did/does she kill The Doctor? She’s already in jail when she gets the envelope, so she’s already killed whoever she’s killed and her reaction on the lakeshore suggests that she doesn’t expect The Doctor to die, so I dunno how that would work.
  • Moreover, is River Song the little girl? Is she Amy’s daughter?!

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