Irish Times Flash Fiction – ‘Chairs’

I’m pleased to say that the Irish Times recently published my short story ‘Chairs’ as part of their ongoing Flash Fiction series. An attempt to capture the experience of carers or those whose family members suffer from long-term disabilities, ‘Chairs’ is a piece I’m quite satisfied with. Hopefully it is the kind of thing which readers will find some meaning in.

'Chairs' (Click to Enlarge)

‘Chairs’ was originally published in the Irish Times, 25th January 2012, p.12, and also on their website (though I think the paragraphing is much more effective in the print version above).


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6 Responses to Irish Times Flash Fiction – ‘Chairs’

  1. Millie Ho says:


  2. pat says:

    Poignant. Do they notify you prior to publishing your story?

    • Thanks for reading.

      No, in my case anyway they didn’t inform me re: publication. I’m after doing a quick check and I sent in my story about ten days before it appeared in the paper. No communication in between though.

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