New Story: ‘Reach Out and Touch Someone’ on the Futures page of Nature

Reach out and Touch Someone

Illustration by Jacey

It was something of a Valentine’s Day treat last month to have my story ‘Reach Out and Touch Someone’ published on the ‘Futures’ page of the science journal Nature (my second piece here). The story follows an evolved human race as they spread throughout the Universe in the far future, transforming themselves both physically and culturally as they fly free in space. You can read it for free at this link.


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Irish Times Flash Fiction – ‘Chairs’

I’m pleased to say that the Irish Times recently published my short story ‘Chairs’ as part of their ongoing Flash Fiction series. An attempt to capture the experience of carers or those whose family members suffer from long-term disabilities, ‘Chairs’ is a piece I’m quite satisfied with. Hopefully it is the kind of thing which readers will find some meaning in.

'Chairs' (Click to Enlarge)

‘Chairs’ was originally published in the Irish Times, 25th January 2012, p.12, and also on their website (though I think the paragraphing is much more effective in the print version above).


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