2018, Oct. British FantasyCon, Chester – Panelist: ‘Choosing a Writing Course’.

2017, Aug. Worldcon 75, Helsinki – Panelist: ‘Stargate at 20 years’; ‘Bringing SF into University Courses: Experiences from the Field’; Academic Paper: ‘The Cause of the Incident was Human Error: Irish Nuclear Anxiety and Eilís Ní Dhuibhne’s The Bray House.

2017, Aug. Nine Worlds GeekFest, London – Panelist: ‘Shut Up and Write: Dealing with Writer’s Block’.

2017, Apr. Eastercon, Birmingham – Panelist: ‘Pedagogy and Speculative Fiction’; ‘Writing Groups, Conferences, and Workshops: Which way to go?’; ‘Hugo Nominations: Film and Television’.

2016, Sep. British Fantasy Con, Scarborough – Panelist: ‘What I Go to School For: How Important is a Literary Education to a Writing Career?’.

2016, Mar. Eastercon, Manchester – Panelist: ‘Transcending the Genre and Other Polite Insults’; ‘Adapting As a Creator from One Medium to Another’; ‘Supporting the Short Stuff’.

2015, Oct. Octocon, Dublin – Panelist: ‘The Historical Impact of Time Travel’, ‘I Miss Star Trek’.

2015, Aug. Nine Worlds GeekFest, London – Panelist: ‘Writing Workshops: Are They for You?’

2014, Aug. Eurocon, Dublin – Panelist: ‘Made in Ireland: Post-War Classics of Fantasy and Science Fiction’.

2014, Aug. Worldcon 73, London – Panelist: ‘The Retrofuturism of JJ Abrams’.

2014, May. Nordic Irish Studies Network Conference, Aalborg – Academic Paper: ‘Perusing the Short Shelf: Periodising Irish Science Fiction’.

2011, Sep. Ireland, Masculinity, and Popular Culture 1990-2010 Conference, Galway – Academic Paper: ‘The Minstrel Boy to the War has Gone: Colm Meaney, Star Trek, and the Irish Male on the American Screen’.


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